Better productivity resultivity awaits.

Are you tired of running on the "busyness" treadmill?

Running everyday. . . Getting nowhere 😕

It's time for a MOTIVATION RESET!


Let's start with a little pre "UNqualifier". If you finish all of your goals...AHEAD of time, NEVER struggle with focusing and/or getting yourself motivated to finish tasks/projects. If you work with clients and you both are "over the moon" happy with your/their results. This probably isn't for you. . .


. . . routinely get overwhelmed, to the point of paralyzing your productivity and causing anxiety.

. . . have lots of initial momentum with a new idea, marketing plan, or after setting a goal, but it quickly fades, turning to overwhelm, and leaving your success to seem fleeting, or unattainable?

. . . struggle to plan and structure your work day/work week to get everything done?

. . . get frustrated meeting the quarterly or yearly financial goals you set for yourself (because you procrastinate or don’t finish?

And then, find yourself


. . . spending endless amounts of money on courses, and business coaches, trying to figure out how to make everything work….especially yourself. Then it’s the latest morning routines, listening to binaural beats, taking nootropics, insert the latest “hack” trying to get an “edge”. You know…Whatever is clogging up your social media feed with all the “magic” (read "easy") solutions!

. . . drinking energy drinks and / or sweating coffee to make it through long days and early mornings.

. . . glued to your phone, watching your screen time usage go up “you spent 31% more time on your phone last week”…you know…checking your email for applications, checking Slack, checking your funnel stats, checking Stripe payments, then scrolling social media to make yourself “feel” productive.

. . . UNable to “relax” and unwind because you don’t know what to do when you’re not working. Finally, turning to alcohol or weed (or the CBD folks) to “calm down”.

. . . Trying the latest "morning routines", weekly planning "hacks", listening to binaural beats, and taking nootropics trying to get an “edge”.

If you're like me, I can’t count how many times (for years), I found myself looking at the clock, hours have gone by, but I didn’t feel I’d accomplished a thing. I couldn’t seem to get "into the zone" of getting things done. The spiral of unproductive behavior began , and at the bottom of that spiral was a big puddle of disappointment, self-blame and negativity .

Achieving “success” (whatever my parents, teachers, etc defined that as) was difficult if not almost impossible for me.  I did everything THEY told me to do…and I still failed, sometimes in spectacular fashion.  I was left feeling like something was wrong with me, I was broken…”Why couldn’t I do the things that everyone else SEEMED to be able to do with ease?” Have you ever felt like this?

Then I discovered MY personal "wiring" and started to apply that to my daily life. Suddenly, things that seemed so hard....weren't. Life became not just manageable, but dare I say easy. I started to to share what I was doing with other people and they experienced the same thing.

So, I have decided to offer this at a substantial savings to a small group of people. Starting in August, I’m putting together 10-15 people, and over 12 weeks, show them how to finally use their "wiring" as a strength..not a weakness. How to unlock YOUR hidden genius... (which is waiting to be unleashed!).  You’ll discover how to learn..FAST!  And finally, How to understand your unique lifeprint® and use that to supercharge your results, and finally how to master your day/week/month/year! BONUS - If you have any attentional "issues" (add/adhd) this will change your life. If this sounds interesting at all, fill out the google form and I'll get back to you!

Launching Soon! Get Ready.